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Working on empowering women through passion, indulgence and self awareness. A happy and confident woman is unbeatable. She is in Heaven and she makes others feel in Heaven too.


Do you dream like this?

I thought my dream was pretty awesome.

Did you dream anything tonight? Do you want to hear mine?

I was standing at the top of a small rocky top in a forest together with his father. Beneath us we could see a swamp. It was coveswampred with leaves and other residue from the forest, giving it a brownish and greenish color. My nephews jumped into the swamp. I wasn´t very fond of this as I was sure something bad would happen to them. They jumped over and over again. He jumped once more. We looked at the hole made by him through the upper layer. We were waiting for him to appear.


We were still waiting. We waited too long. He wasn´t showing up. I asked the father to jump and look after him. He didn´t want to.

I was starting to get worry. I myself was too afraid of this water to jump.

The dirt over the water cleared up once in a while. It happened again now, and the water turned clean and transparent. I looked after him. He was gone.

Some one had called for the life rescue team, and by now they had reached the swamp. I don´t know if they were animals or machines. They were big, squared, with motorized arms, coloured with white and some dark blue in between. In silence they moved forward. They knew this forest, and they knew the swamp. They went straight to the rocky wall that circled some of the swamp.

The life saviours found him buried in the wall. Wrapped in some cellulose brownish canvas, and placed with his feet at the interior of the rocks. Showing only his face on the wall. It was difficult to distinguish the face from the rocks since the face and the rocks were bathed with the same shades of brown. His eyes were opened. His mouth was closed. He was still breathing. Barely.

I woke up.

He looked at me with width open eyes and mouth. How can you dream such an awful dream? From where do you get all this?

I looked back at him amazed. I thought my dream was pretty awesome.



Thank you for the photo Thomas Allen at www.flickr.com

Dare to be scared

You say you like strong women,
jet you pull away from me when I don´t give in.
Don´t you see softness and strength are complements?

You say you like intelligent woman,
jet you make your arguments personal, why is that?
Do you want me to admire yours,
while admiring mine confuses where you stand?

You say you love my passion,
jet you frieze when I show you my full scale of emotions.
Do you still not understand that all days are not filled with sun?

Dare to be scared.
Dare to have it all.
Dare to be the one who dives into my depths.

You will then become the strong man I am looking for.

Then I might choose you.
Then I might stay.


Pull Yourself Together, Girl!

Well, if you say this to me when I am down, I´ll probably cry even louder or  yell at you about your cynicism.

It´s all about timing. I need my crying time. My being angry time. I want to feel and dwell with the whats and whys of my feelings. I am sure that by doing so, I will be saving my self for a huge therapy bill in the future.

Please, give me space and time so I can live my emotional ranges!

On the other hand, I want to live my life, make things happen, shine. Naturally and inevitable the time will come when I need to take some kind of action.

Then, after letting me live and explore my feelings, you can come to me and say…Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 13.32.18


… and I will listen.

Wisdom from a woman!




Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

The Rising of a Woman

A present was sent to me from Heaven. This beautiful sculpture of a woman, made by Astrid Heimer. 20151127_111700_resized

I like to call her “The Rising of a Woman”. Rather than rising a group of women, it is for me about the rising of each woman in her own special way. I think this is so much more powerful: To rise as individuals, to find this beautiful inner self and lift her up.

Because only I can listen to my soul´s voice, her singing, her longing, and dance my soul´s dance. This dance which awakens the woman inside me:


The playful woman20151127_111700_resized

The nurturing woman

The passionate woman

The indulgent woman

The loving woman

The smiling woman

The warrior woman

The respected woman

The dancing woman

The strong woman

The vulnerable woman

The flirting woman

The energized woman

The curious woman

The intelligent woman

The sensual woman


I feel grateful for this present.  This every day visible reminder.


Indulgence and Pleasure

So let´s start these postings with one of my favourite indulgent moment. A delicious piece of chocolate cake with my cafe latte. mmmm. At Hotel Polana in Maputo, Mozambique, with the gorgeous view of sand, sea and blue sky. What more can I ask for?

This was My Heaven at that particular moment. In the mist of a troublesome time. I found pleasure in this heavy chocolate cake melting in my mouth. Closing my eyes and delighting in it. Opening my eyes and seeing the blue-green ocean refreshing my mind at the peacefully sight.

This heavenly small time-out from life, living it fully, gave me back the sparkle in my eyes. And still, the memory and the picture bring a smile in my face and remind me of Heaven. My Heaven.